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FUNTV 亞芬電視盒

IPTV box to watch the like of T*B and other Hong Kong TV, drama vod, 5 days replay ...etc usual standard functions.

Android 5.1.1
Quad core ....... etc

Anyone try this ?


    Junior Member
    youtube video of funtv

    FunTV introduction Video 介紹片 ( English Version )

    ( 廣東話 ) FunTV introduction Video 介紹片
  • padman
    Seems like a htv clone ?
  • Goldmanlu
    edited November 6, 2016
    I saw this box before, but never ever heard people mentioned about it. So I finally got the Turbo TV.

    Bu the way, Can you tell me how many live app available?

    Is there any skipping or lagging issues pn streaming live TV? Thanks.
    Junior Member
    This box is more less same as the HTV, 5 core apps plus 1 adult app
    Live TV for like of HK china and taiwan
    VOD - HK drama and films
    VOD - China drama and films
    Reply 5 days - Hong kong
    replay 5 days - china
    adult app with passcode

    Not much lag or skipping,

    Is a good cheap alternative to Unblock tech with much more reliable streaming
  • Goldmanlu
    Right, I feel the theme design is very similar to HTV, too.
  • cheuk5
    Senior Member
    Yes I just saw a new A2 box from HTV today.
  • tylerlee
    cheuk5 said:

    Yes I just saw a new A2 box from HTV today.

    A2 box? didn't the A1 just came out only a few months ago?
  • hhjr888
    cheuk5 said:

    Yes I just saw a new A2 box from HTV today.

    any info you can share about the new A2? any links?
    Junior Member
    A2 is the same spec as HTV5
  • neonlight
    Small seven tech or this one?
  • Tvpader
    Junior Member
    What is the pros and cons with this box? Stable? Fast ?

    I'm interested in a new box and now so much out there...

    I'm a fan of htv because of the stability and reliability. I haven't got much issue with it and most get resolve fairly quick. I read the unblock is good now but I just tried still very unstable. I'm interested in this mainly for the price and still to have some channel and thing htv don't have. Please let me know!

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