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Is Small Seven Died?

Small Seven Box no longer watchable. The Facebook no more update. users no longer active,is it died?


  • bamby8
    Junior Member edited January 2
    SBTV app still working here on our old 1GB/8GB v3 s7box.

    Generally, SBTV app reliability is terrible. Far worse than Unblock Tech's UBTV app. Either you cannot get into SBTV, or the channels are down in our experience.

    I recall there has also been problems with apps (eg. 'SBTV backup') failing to download from the 'new' SS market (it has '3' in chinese in the app name) before Christmas.

  • evpad-offcial
    小七沒有死, 他們被同業的人網絡攻擊,服務不穩定,他們的人也很努力的。但是努力是努力,結果不好,產品沒有太大變化和創新。也就這樣了
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